Membership Renewal 2022/23

A gentle reminder to all existing club members that your membership is expiring the end of March and new membership is due 1st April 2022.
Membership Renewal 2022/23 forms are now available!

March Athletic Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6.15 pm, and occasionally a small group meets up on Sunday at 8:30am as well for a long run. Training is from Elm Road Sports Field, Elm Road, March, Cambridgeshire PE15 0BH.

We are not an elite club, just runners meeting to enjoy the experience. We now have a qualified UKA Coach and 5 Assistant Coaches. The Club also has 6 qualified First Aiders.

All abilities are welcomed from beginners to Marathon runners. There are changing and shower facilities at the club, and refreshments can be purchased after the run.

If you wish to run to keep fit you can, or you can take part in the many races throughout the year, including cross country. The choice is yours. Whatever you decide you will be assured of a warm welcome! So why not come along one evening and see how you get on.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining March AC please speak with our Membership Secretary, Toni Alcaraz, who will be pleased to give you any further information you require.

If you're ready to join:
  • A printable membership form is available to download here.
  • Alternatively, if you would like to complete the form on your device and then print or email, please click here to download this Microsoft Excel version instead.

Mark Darlow (Chairman)


Tuesday - Interval Training

The usual training on Tuesday is intervals, focusing on speedwork or hill training for those wishing to improve their performance. We have around a mile warm-up jog together to the interval training location for the evening, complete the interval training based on your abilities (more or less laps) and then a mile cooldown together back to the club house, totalling 4-6 miles depending on number of interval laps.

Thursday - 5 Mile to 10 KM Run

On Thursdays we have different groups of abilities, setting off at different times for the same route that evening. The usual training distance is a 10 KM lap around the March streets in Winter and more off-road in the Summer months. We have various different routes we do each week to keep it fresh and, on occasion, including 'Fartlek' or 'Tempo' training runs in the routes. Beginner groups, or those wishing for a shorter distance, tend to cut part of the run off for a smaller lap.

Sunday - Long Run

A smaller group frequently arrange via the Facebook group page a slow long Sunday morning run, typically around 8:30am meeting at either the club or March town centre, with a distance often between 15 KM and 20 Miles. This is a casual social run for those looking for some company on those longer running days, potentially training for Marathons or Ultra Marathons, or just running for fun!

Club Kit

Every Club within England Athletics has a specially designed club vest and the one for March is royal blue with a white diagonal band from right shoulder to left hip, front and back. When representing the club in races this vest must be worn or there is a chance of disqualification. In winter it can be worn over warmer clothing. Please contact a member of the committee to enquire about purchasing a club race vest.

We also have a selection of branded March AC training kit, including long and short-sleeved t-shirts, a sweatshirt and a jacket, which can be bought online from Total Clothing: